Banga Sanskriti O Itihas Anusandhan Parisad
(Bengal Culture & Council for Research in History)

Uttar Chirail Para,Tarabazar Lane
P.O.-Kaliyaganj Dist.Uttar Dinajpur
Pin- 733129
West Bengal, India

Aims & Objectives
Banga Sanskriti O Itihas Anusandhan Parisad (Bengal Culture & Council for Research in History) is an academic and cultural body. The main purpose of this society is to undertake and conduct researches in various disciplines of Social Science through diverse academic exercises like seminars, symposia, meetings, conferences, academic workshops, discourses, publication of journals, literature, books and all sorts of public deliberations. Secondly, another main purpose of this society is to explore the regional history and present it to the world. Another goal of this society in the future is to build a high quality library. Besides this part, the society will act is to do something for the people like downtrodden or disadvantage or underprivileged or so called lower sections of the society.

Name, Addresses and Designations of the present Members of the Executive Committee:


  • President: Dr. Bipul Mandal, Uttar Chirail Para,Kaliyaganj,Uttar Dinajpur,WB
  • Vice-Presedent:Souren Bandyopadhyay,Uttar Chirail Para,Kaliyaganj,Uttar Dinajpur      
  • Vice-Presedent: Dr.Babulal Bala, Raiganj,Uttar Dinajpur,WB
  • General Secretary: Ajay Kumar Jha,Mahendraganj,Kaliyaganj,Uttar Dinajpur,WB
  • Joint Secretary: Prof. Ashim Kumar Mridha, Raiganj,Uttar Dinajpur,WB
  • Joint Secretary:  Dr. Sanat Kumar Adhikary,Raiganj,Uttar Dinajpur,WB
  • Assistant Secretary: Jagdip Kumar Chowhan,Kushmundi,Dakshin Dinajpur,WB
  • Treasure: Suparna Majumder, Uttar Chirail Para,Kaliyaganj,Uttar Dinajpur,WB
  • Assistant Treasure: Biplab Biswas, Shyamdhan Jote, Badra Jote,Darjeeling,WB



  1. Professor (Dr.)Dipak Kumar Roy
  2. Professor (Dr.) Anil Kumar Sarkar
  3. Professor (Dr.) Madhab Ch. Adhikary
  4. Dr. Pum Khan  Pau
  5.  Dr. Sudash Lama
  6. Dr. Swapain Kumar Pain
  7. Prof. Chhawang Subba
  8.  Dr.Manadev Roy
  9. Dr.Supam Biswas
  10. Dr. Rajeswar Roy
  11. Prof. Ramendra Nath Bhowmick
  12. Prof.Joydeep Singh
  13. Prof. Trishna Karati
  14. Prof. Manojit Das
  15.  Mr. Kalikrishna Sutradhar
  16. Mr.Biplab Biswas
  17. Mr.Subrata Mandal


Regulation of the society:


Power and duties of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall conduct the day-to-day affairs of the Society including its routine administration. It shall conduct the Bank Transactions of the society. It shall maintain liaison with outside bodies as and when required, it shall arrange seminars, symposia, academic workshops, discussions, deliberations and cultural functions on behalf of the society.

It shall take necessary measures for the publication of its journal. As a routine duty it has to take care of the wellbeing of the Society. The holding of the Annual General Meeting of the Society will be the special duty of the Executive Committee.

In moments of necessity it shall convene a general meeting of members with a notice served at least one week before the date of the meeting. It can take necessary measures to check and control delinquent members in a spirit of restraint and forgiveness.

It shall try to reconcile conflicts and contradictions within the society, if there be any, through persuasion and conciliation and not through any drastic penal measure, if such measure is specially called for.

Although membership is not in all circumstances inviolable in general it has to be treated as sacrosanct.




Any adult person who has graduates from any recognized University, who has a good moral character, who agrees to abide by the rules of the Society and who has inclination for social science disciplines can be a member of the society provided he/she pays the requisite admission fee and subscription to the Society with due adherence to its Rules and Regulations.

Classification of Member

There will be only three kinds of members in the Society

  1. Annul Members
  2. Life Member
  3. Institutional Members

Cessation of Membership

A member will cease to be a member if –

  1. By his/her misbehaviour and misconduct he/she appears to the executive Committee of the Society or to the general body of the society as unworthy to hold any trust of the Society and is unfit to remain as its member;
  2. By any act of misdeed he/she is convicted or liable to be convicted by the laws of the land;
  3. By any covert or overt act he/she undermines the values ordained in the aim and objective of the Society.

Annual General Meeting:

The Executive Committee will be elected in the Annual General Meeting of the Society by the body of general members which will consist of annual, life and institutional members of the society. The Executive Committee will hold its tenure for two years. Since the Society will function not on the basis of a calendar year but on the basis of financial year 1st April of a year to 31st March of the following year, the Annual general Meeting of the Society will be held any time in the month of January every year. All office bearers will be ex-officio members of the executive Committee of the Society. Only life members can be members of the Executive Committee.



Quorum of the Meeting:

At least presence of eight members in person at the commencement of the meeting shall constitute the quorum.

Manner and method of voting

The chairman of the meeting shall decide the manner and method of voting.

Bank Operation:

A savings account shall be opened in any of the nationalized bank in Kolkata near the office of the society in the name of the society. This account shall be operated by the following members of Executive Committee; The President, The Secretary and the Treasurer. Money shall be drawn from the bank under the seals and signatures of any two of the aforesaid members of the Executive Committee.