An Analysis of Literature and Language of Assam in the Light of Historical Perspectives

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Abdul Khaleque

Head & Assistant Professor
Department of History
Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College
Lengtisinga ,Bongaigaon, Assam

Abstract:Twenty first century Assamese society comprises with different linguistic groups. It contains various linguistic communities and as such Assamese language is the product of other modern Indian languages. Therefore, in a sense, Assamese language and literature is the result of different stages of historical development. No doubt, there is a long history behind this development, but this development is tremendous. Both Assamese literature and language developed side by side primarily from Sanskrit during neo-Vaisnava movement. The present day Assamese language and literature is the outcome of notable contributions made by Mahapurusha Sankardeva and his follower Sri Sri Madhavadeva. Moreover, Madhava Kandali’s Assamese verse of Ramayana vigorously helped in the development of Assamese language and literature. In the same vein of Kandali, the verbal communication of Kamrupi and Goalpariya dialects of western Assam have also helped in the formation of modern Assamese language. Hence, it becomes necessary to discuss and analyse the growth and development of Assamese literature and language in the light of Historical perspectives. That is why the present topic is selected for study and analysis.

Key Words:Ancient,Assimilation,Kamrupa, language, literature, Manuscripts,Renaissance.