Diseases, Patients, State and Social Distancing in the Colonial Era – A Historical Review based upon “Swasthyo” & ‘Swasthyo Samachar’ Patrika

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Dr. Ritabrata Goswami

Assistant Professor
Department of History
Kaliachak College
Kaliachak,Malda,West Bengal
Email: ritabrataswami@gmail.com

Abstract:The emergence of diseases and epidemics in India during the colonial era has become a major topic of research in the world of thinkers. Although the British usually demanded that their rule was the best but the epidemic was probably the most severe in their time. They also distinguished between whites and natives in controlling epidemics. Many Indians died of diseases due to ignorance and lack of superstition. In this situation, medical related periodicals published in Bengali, such as “Swasthyo” & ‘Swasthyo Samachar’ Patrika, played a special role to make people aware of the causes of the diseases. This article tries to show how these two periodicals have helped to make people aware about health.

Key Words:Diseases, Patients, Epidemics, State, Social Distancing, Periodicals, ‘Swasthyo’, ‘Swasthyo Samachar’