Dr. Shamsuzzoha:The First Bengali Martyred Intellectual of the Country in the Mass Uprising of 1969

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Tamanna Siddiquee

Department of Islamic History and Culture
North Bengal International University,
Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Email: tamannasiddiquee@gmail.com

Abdur Razzaque

Researcher and Essayist
M.A. (International History)
University of Rajshahi
Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Email: abdur.razzque91@gmail.com

Abstract:Dr. Shamsuzzoha was the first Bengali martyred intellectual to commit suicide in the mass uprising 2 of 1969 at the dawn of independence. He is the pride of the people of Rajshahi University and Bangladesh, a teacher with a sense of responsibility and duty to the young generation, a true patriot who is better known as Dr. Shamsuzzoha or Zoha. The day in history, when a great Bengali teacher said (February 17 at ten o'clock at night), ‘Before the students are shot, they will hit me in the chest.’ 3 The next day, on 18 February, with the assassination of Dr. Zoha, the mass uprising in the country resulted in our liberation war.He was the first university teacher to be martyred at the main gate of Rajshahi University between 1947 and 1969. Today there is a great need for student friendly teachers like Shamsuzzoha Sir in every campus. He will continue to be our source of inspiration. Zoha Sir is unique not only as a teacher, but also as a liberating man. His sacrifice and ideals did not go in vain. Two years after the death of Dr. Shamsuzzoha, the rise of independent Bangladesh on the world map.

Key Words:Freedom Struggle, Independent, Liberation War, Martyred, Patriot,Teacher.