Gobinda Halder (1930-2015): A Forgotten Lyricist of the Indian Subcontinent

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Dr. Rup K. Barman

Department of History
Jadavpur University
Kolkata 700032
Email: rupkumarbarman@gmail.com

Abstract: Indian subcontinent is very rich for its own culture. Since the very beginning of settled historical period, Indian subcontinent has produced a galaxy of laureates, poets, dramatists
and chroniclers. The trend of literary endeavors has equally continued in mediaeval and modern period. Nowadays, Indian literatures have established a distinct place in the literary domain of the world. Along with literature, Indian singers and musicians are also well-known in the entire world. It is unfortunate that the name of many composers and lyricists have been forgotten by the people of present generation though a small number of them are still considered to be the sources of inspiration. However, the poets, musicians, singers and performers of modern times have remarkable presence in the ‘public memory’ as well in our daily lives due to the growth of modern technology in printing, recording and preservation. Inspite of it, we often forget many notable figures. In this context, Gobinda Halder (1930-2015) is notable one who is being forgetting by the people of India and Bangladesh in spite of his significant contributions in the ‘Liberation War’ of Bangladesh (1971). This article has briefly discussed about of the contributions of Gobinda Halder in the Liberation War of Bangladesh and the peoples’movement in West Bengal.

Key Words:Liberation War of Bangladesh, Gobinda Halder, West Bengal Fishermen Conference, Bhagirathi, etc.