Land Settlements and Cattle Ecology in the Princely State of Cooch Behar, 1872-1940

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Sajal Adhikary

Research Scholar
Department of History
University of Gour Banga
Mokdampur, Malda,West Bengal

Abstract:The Princely State of Cooch Behar was predominantly an Agricultural State. The Condition of the State people depends on their agricultural production. Its recognized that in the colonial period of India, agricultural was the main source of revenue. For the agricultural peoples, we know what the importance of cow, Bullock was. This region was not different. But, after the treaty in between Cooch Behar State and British (1773), various land settlements like the first settlement(1872); Patit Chrcha Settlement(1884-86); Rakam Charcha Settlement(1890) and Final Settlement (1912-27) has drastically reduced the Khas land, and converted it into agricultural land. This policy led to environmental degradation and harmed the animal world in the State. This paper particularly investigates how the different land settlements impact the cattle ecology of the State. This study will try to show light on this aspect.

Key Words:Agricultural, Cattle, Cooch Behar, Colonial India, Ecology, Land Settlement etc.