Lumbini Park Mental Hospital and the Public Mental Health Movement in West Bengal (1940-1960)

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Shipra Sarkar

Ph.D Research Scholar
Department of History
University of Kalyani
Kalyani, Nadia

Abstract:Lumbini Park, Kolkata has made a significant contribution to the history of the public mental health movement in West Bengal. The organization has been taking initiatives to protect the mental health rights of the common masses from the very beginning. After Tarunchandra Sinha (1904-1985) took over the responsibility of management of Lumbini, he took the initiative to record various memoirs of the life and work of the organization in the magazine, namely Chitta, i.e., the Psyche. Lumbini Park took the initiative to ensure the right to mental health of common people in West Bengal in the 50s and 60s and questioned the responsibility of the state to protect that right. The present article will try to explore the past history of Lumbini Park in the early stages from that memoir

Key Words:Lumbini Park, Chitta, Tarunchandra Sinha, Mental Health Movement