North Indian Warlike Monks Rise against the British Power in Bengal in the 18th Century

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Sutapa Bhattacharya

Ph.D Research Scholar
Department of History
Bankura University, Bankura,West Bengal
Email: bhattacharyasutapa190695@

Abstract: Abstract:The present paper seems to cover the role played by the armed warlike monks during the second half of eighteenth century Bengal and continued till the early decades of nineteenth century. The present day Haryana consists of a larger part of Bharatpur, Western Uttar Pradesh, Eastern Rajasthan and some portions of Punjab. The warlike activities of these armed monks is popularly known as Sannyasi Rebellion which was directed against the ruling East India Company and their lackeys like the zamindars, jotedars and other property holders. It was the first formidable resistance against the British .Though the rebellion took place in Bengal Presidency but the rebels were not the people of Bengal but very much belonged to the regions of Haryana. In eighteenth century these areas were popularly known as Bharatpur. A close link between the activities of the rebel Sannyasis of Bengal with Haryana and its surrounding regions referred to the activities of Anup Giri alias Himmat Bahadur .

Key Words:British, Fakir Rebellion,Jotedars Struggle, Sannyasi Rebellion ,Zamindars