Origin and Development of Feminism in Historical Perspectives

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Dr. Babulal Bala

Associate Professor
Department of History
Raiganj University
College Para, Raiganj, Uttar Dinajpur
Email: babulalbala@gmail.com

Abstract:It is widely known to all that excepting Rig-Vedic period, the fifty percent population of our society i.e. women are started exploiting by the male centric selfish dominating society since long past. The gradual exploitation of women in terms of disallowing them from proper education, socio-economic and political sphere of life century after century created vacuum and strong hindrance towards the all round development of society. Keeping in mind the above circumstantial experiences, those who are organizing movements for ameliorating their condition and at the same time advocating the rights, dignity, honour and empowerment of women as a whole is came to be known as feminist movement. The feminist activists are working mainly about the right of pregnancy, stop domestic violence, maternity leave, equal salary for equal work, and for ending sexual harassment and persecution. A good number of modern feminist thought that the feminism is nothing but a grass-root level movement which crosses the social-class, caste, religion, culture and thereafter extended itself. Actually, the ultimate goal of feminism is to protect and extend the rights of women in the all sphere of life.

Key Words:Amelioration, Dignity, Exploitation, Empowerment, Feminist, Patriarchy, Sexism.