Poet’s Present, Imagined Past: Martial Imaginings and Literary Anachronisms in Mangalkavyas

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Aryama Ghosh

Researh Scholar (Ph.D)
Department of History
Jadavpur University
Jadavpur,West Bengal
Email: aryama.foucault.ghosh@gmail.com

Abstract:Most pre-modern literary works employ anachronism as a prevalent style, because even in modern times, literary imaginations do not aim to keep their imaginations bound by the historical fact of the narrative time. In this respect, modern period pieces of literature are historically accurate; nonetheless, anachronism is plain to see. Historians might use them to scale the temporal conceptualization of the narrator's world or age rather than criticize them in literature. Thus, this article argues by exploring the martial imaginings in the texts that the pre-modern Bengali literature's viz Mangalkavyas' anachronistic examples demonstrate a tri-temporal notion of time: mythical, legendary, and contemporary. In our current concept of historical time, such events may appear impossible, yet in Bengali popular culture of the 17th and 18th centuries, this was the accepted view of time. Anachronism is a very common style of most of the pre-modern literary piece because even in modern times none of the literary imaginings try to keep its imagination
strangled with the constraints of essence of the historical reality of the narrated time.

Key Words:Anachronism, Mangalkavya, Martial Imaginings, Renaissance,Temporality.