Revisiting the Struggle for Economic Empowerment of the Bengali Muslim Women in Colonial Bengal (1920-1947)

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Dr.Saika Hossain

Assistant Professor
Department of History
Chandernagore College
Chandannagar,Hooghly,West Bengal

Abstract: This article will mainly try to address this lacuna of the Indian historiography and will focus on the lives of this new generation of educated and professional Muslim women who emerged out of their aborodh (confines) into the outside world. By the early twentieth century the traditional role of Muslim women was greatly transformed and the world of Muslim women in Bengal changed visibly. For the Muslim community in Bengal, its transition from tradition to modernization was accompanied by the birth of an enlightened elite group of the Muslim community who tried to give a new leash of life to the society by their liberal and rational thoughts. Bengali Muslim women began to play lead role in the social reform of the Muslim community in Bengal and in 1920 Bengali Muslim women were certainly poised on the threshold of social and economic change. These Bengali Muslim women of 1920’s,1930’s and 1940’s who were into ‘white collar jobs’ proved with their lives that economic independence of Muslim women can also be a reality.

Key Words:Backwardness, Illiteracy, Marginalized, Patriarchal Domination Traditional