Role of Different NGOs in the Tribal Development in Purulia District of West Bengal: A Study

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Sahadev Karmakar

Research Scholar
Department of History
Ranchi University
Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

Abstract:In recent years, the issues concerning tribal development approaches, policies and strategies, and the role of several Non-Governmental Organizations and Voluntary Organizations in the tribal development initiatives has become increasingly significant in the history of tribal studies throughout the world. Broadly speaking, NGOs or VOs are non-profit organizations that function independently of any government. Many of those organizations have achieved great success in awakening and empowering the tribals in different inaccessible and rugged areas. The deprived, exploited and disoriented tribal people have benefited immensely from the relentless humanitarian activities of those organization. In Purulia district of West Bengal, different NGOs have been working extensively for the welfare of the marginalized indigenous people, including the Santhals and Birhors, which should be specifically mentioned. Despite many difficulties and hindrances, they are working hard and moving forward to achieve their goal, that have become a beacon of hope for the destitute people of the district, especially in the tribal concentrated areas.

Key Words:Awakening, Empowering, Exploited, Inaccessible, Indigenous People Marginalized.