Socio-Religious Transformation in Sari-Sarna Society

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Simanta Hembram

1Research Scholar
Bharathidasan University
Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu

Abstract: The base and foundation lay down by the tribal communities. It was mentioned that the natural and supernatural deities of tribes are snatched away by the intruders, the foreigners and others. The impacts of the foreigner society have been drastically uprooted. The rigidities and root- ness tribal religions are transformed by the various institutions. The tribal people constantly merge towards modern society. They rejected and denied their traditional worship, the ancient ritual and ceremonies. The ritual of the tribal group leads into great bond and unity.The ritual smoothens the lives of indigenous people. Rituals denote the transition of human life-birth, adulthood, marriage and at the end, death. The traditional tribal communities are still under prevailing of conjuring powers. There needs to have reformation of tribal religious without diminishing essential phenomena because there won’t exist the written original text to explain the tribal religion.

Key Words:Austro-Asiatic, animistic, foreign religious institutions Santhal identity, traditional