The Great Patriotic Benoy Kumar Sarkar:His Role in the Anti- PartitionMovement in Malda District (1905-1911)

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Md Rakib Ali

Assistant Teacher
Department of History
Talibpur High School, Birbhum

Abstract:When the partition of Bengal took place on 16 th October 1905, all the people of the whole Bengal started protesting against it. In Malda district there was an extreme reaction against the partition of Bengal movement. Acharya Benoy Kumar Sarkar, the proud son of Malda District, played the most important role during this movement. Swadeshi movement was formed in protest of the partition of Bengal movement. One of the constructive works of the Swadeshi movement was the establishment of the National Council of Education. Acharya Benoy Kumar Sarkar was sent to Malda district with the responsibility of expanding national education. On the other hand, he instilled Swadeshi thought in the people of the district through various newspapers. When the British Government was reluctant to expand education, he worked tirelessly to make education accessible to the people. This article discusses selected aspects of the Acharya Benoy Kumar Sarkar role in anti-partition movement in Malda district.

Key Words:Anti-Partition Movement, Education, Malda,Nationalism, Newspaper, Swadeshi