The Puranas: Ancient History or Religious Literature

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Mrityunjoy Mandal

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Sanskrit
Raghunathpur College
Purulia, West Bengal, India.

Abstract: Abstract:The Purana means old or ancient. But literary meaning Itihas, Iti- Ha- As, in the context of the time that has passed. Although there is no sign of religion in the name, religious people have created obsession with religion. At the time of writing Purana was considered as history. The history of the ancient king or some ancient stories proves Purana was history but later it was seen that Brahmins or people with religions attitudes developed scriptures as evidence of the addition of stories of some gods. At present Purana is a scripture which is above history. As a result most of the people have uninterested to read it as evidence of antiquity. The beginning of the study of Purana literature was of course the historical or social context but later it was seen that religion gradually entered. So gradually, a lot of originality was lost.

Key Words:Ancient, History, Mythological, Purana, Person, Religion ,Scriptures, Vedas