Volume-2 ,Issue-1 ,January-April 2022

Aims & Scope of the Journal


Table Of Contents


Social Ideas and Background of Militant peripatetic Armed Resistance of the Sannyasis and Fakirs against early Colonial Rule: Its Links with Bengal and Beyond 01-10
Sutapa Bhattacharya & Dr.Sankar Kumar Biswas
Social History of Folk Medicine Practices among Rajbanshi Community of Colonial Northern Bengal with special reference to Dinajpur 11-21
Tanmay Barman
Origin and Development of Feminism in Historical Perspectives 22-31
Dr. Babulal Bala
Handloom Industry in Dakshin Dinajpur District: An Assessment 32-38
Rejaul Karim
Changing Rural Health System of Jalpaiguri District in Colonial Period 39-61
Gourango Chandra Roy
Dr. Shamsuzzoha:The First Bengali Martyred Intellectual of the Country in the Mass Uprising of 1969 62-73
Tamanna Siddiquee & Abdur Razzaque
Historical Significance of Socio-Religious Movements in India’s National Awakening 74-89
Pabitra Kumar Barman
The Development and Extinction of Buddhism in Ancient North Bengal 90-101
Kalikrishna Sutradhar
The Language Issue and the Bengali Muslims through the Ages 102-112
Dr.Chhawang Subba
Vidyasagar’s Bangalar Itihas: a Reflection on his Thoughts and Times 113-125
Sayantani Maitra
Poet’s Present, Imagined Past: Martial Imaginings and Literary Anachronisms in Mangalkavyas 126-139
Aryama Ghosh
Vidyasagar’s Role in the ‘Age of Consent’ Controversy: A Retreat from the Earlier Reformist Zeal or An Attempt to Emancipate the Child-Wives? 140-151
Partha Mukherjee
Socio-Cultural Life of the Tea Garden Workers People with special reference to the People of Manjha Tea Garden in Sub-Himalayan Terai Region of Darjeeling 152-163
Pabitra Paul
An Analysis of Literature and Language of Assam in the Light of Historical Perspectives 164-172
Abdul Khaleque
Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: An Outlook on Ward No.15 Balurghat Municipality,Dakshin Dinajpur 173-192
Khokan Das
Different Phases of the Kshatriyaisation Movement of the Rajbansi Communities in North Bengal (1891-1935) 193-211
Dr.Bipul Mandal
Response of the Rajbanshis to the National Movement in India with special reference to Jalpaiguri and Dinajpur District of West Bengal (1920-1947) 212-219
Latika Barman & Dr.Madhab Chandra Adhikary
The Great Patriotic Benoy Kumar Sarkar:His Role in the Anti-PartitionMovement in Malda District (1905-1911) 220-230
Md Rakib Ali
Socio-Religious Beliefs and Practices in Bengal during the time of Allauddin Hussain Shah 231-240
Lalita Chowhan
Administrative Activities in Maintaining Law and Order in North Bengal in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century: A Historical Review on Malda District 241-262
Ritabrata Goswami
Book Review
Bipul Mandal:Social Movement in Bengal Identity Questions,Unrest and Challenges (Kolkata, Progressive Publisher, 2021, pp.192, Price: 180/p INR) 263-265
Dr. Ananda Bhattacharya
Supam Biswas, Arun Ghosh and Subrata Barai:Transformation of North Bengal since 1947 Dimensions and Perspectives,(New Delhi, Abhijeet Publications, 2021, pp. 1-240, Price: 960/p INR) 266-268
Dr. Bipul Mandal