An Inclusive Interpretation of Maratha History

in Published Volumes


Sutapa Bhattacharya

Research Scholar
Department of History
Bankura University
Bankura,West Bengal,India


Abstract:: There was a band of scholars in Maharashtra who had preceded Sardesai in the field of Maratha history. They did not actually get down to the writing of history, but confined themselves to the collection of materials which would make the latter possible. Rajawade had brought out 22 volumes of collected material and Khare another 14 volumes. There were thus many volumes of original papers which had been carefully collected and edited. Sardesai also belonged to this tradition and he edited 45 volumes of the Selections from the Peshwa Daftar and brought out extremely valuable material for the future historians. It is in the reconstruction of history with the help of such material that Sardesai made a departure from his predecessors in Maharashtra. Collaborating with Sir Jadunath Sarkar and making up a team for which it would be difficult to find a parallel anywhere, he worked steadily for decades.

Key Words:G. S. Sardesai, JadunathSarkar, Maharashtra, Peshwa Duftar, Raghubir Singh