Conceptualizing Globalization in the Context of the Diversified Cultural Dimensions of North-East Indian States

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Dr. Chhawang Subba
Assistant Professor
Department of History
University of Gour Banga
Malda,West Bengal,India


Abstract:: :Bringing together all the countries of the world economically, politically, socially and culturally under one single umbrella is the phenomena called Globalization. At present, every country is, in one way or another, linked with other countries through Globalization. The reach of the Globalization is limited not only to internation level but in a country itself and its many states and regions are equally impacted by the
ever-present trend of Globalization. India’s North East Region bears a very significant and unique place in India’s socioeconomic and geopolitical map with its diverse ethnicity and culture. The impact of Globalization has a tremendous effect on the region. The present paper is aimed towards the detail analysis of the effects, positive or negative, of the Globalization.

Key Words:Ethnicity, Globalization, Geopolitics, Identity, North-East India etc