Hitasadhani Sabha in former Princely State Cooch Behar, 1946- 1950: Emergence and Effects to the Indigenous People of Cooch Behar

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Kamal Barman

Ph.D Research Scholar
Department of History
Raiganj University
Raiganj,Uttar Dinajpur,West Bengal,India

Email: barmankamal633@gmail.com

Abstract:: The district of Coochbehar that exists today was a native state under the British
before independence. The Hitasdhani Sabha, emerged as the first indigenous political
organization, came into existence in 1946 in the princely state of Coochbehar recognized by
the state. All the leaders of this newly formed political organization were from a particular
ethnic group of people, especially the Rajbanshis. In Coochbehar state, both the king and the
tenants were Rajbanshis but most of the higher official posts of the state were held by the
upper caste Hindu Bengalees. Hence, the intention of the leaders of this Sabha was aware the
common people of the state about the deprivation by the outsider upper caste Hindu
Bengalees and launch a tremendous agitation against them. During the period of Indian
independence, Hitasadhani Sabha was in political power in Coochbehar and took a
significant role to the destiny of the people of Coochbehar

Key Words:Coochbehar, Hitasadhani Sabha, Identity Crisis, Princely State, etc.