Lt. Colonel Suresh Prasad Sarbadhikari

in Published Volumes


Rajib Roson Ghosal

Research Scholar
Department of History
Visva-Bharati University
Shantiniketan,West Bengal, India.


Abstract:: There would not be a large section of Bengalis who frown to unaware of the name of Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari as the Father of Indian Football. However, the name and contribution of another descendant of this family are still unknown. He is Dr. Suresh Prasad Sarbadhikari (13th April 1866–11th March 1921). He was born in the eighth month. The frail boy became known in society as ‘Atashe Chele.’ This birth refers to births that occur before 36 weeks or nine months. Premature infants are now more susceptible to physical issues like cerebral palsy. Hence, the early years were thus spent in a deteriorated and neglected physical state. However, despite hundreds of obstacles, he set a shining example in gynaecological medical science for the future. He was later recognised as the pioneer of overiotomy-obstetric surgery in India. His leadership of the Bengal Ambulance Crop was a landmark for treating the Indian Sepoys in Mesopotamia at the First World War. He consummately proved himself among the contemporary western physicians. King George V awarded him the title ‘Lieutenant Colonel’ of the Indian Medical Service in recognition of his exceptional accomplishments and success. This article offers a comparative examination of Suresh Prasad Sarbadhikari’s inventions and accomplishments that helped him establish his well-known reputation as an Indian gynaecologist in the west.

Key Words:Carmichael Medical College, Medical Education Society,Obstetrics, Overiotomy