Rai Saheb Thakur Panchanan Barma and Surjapuri Rajbanshis : A Case Study in Transferred Area of Uttar Dinajpur District

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Khagesh Singha
Independent Research Scholar
Department of History
University of North Bengal
Darjeeling,West Bengal,India

Email: khageshsingha2@gmail.com

Abstract::: It is inevitable that every Nation in the world has a history. The existence of any Nation in the world survives in the history of the Nation. The present work attempts a detailed study of the Rai Saheb Thakur Panchanan Barma and Surjapuri Rajbanshis in the Uttar Dinajpur district with special reference to Transferred Area. Although the Rajbanshi living in North East India and Surjapuri Rajbanshi living in the Transferred area have similar origins , yet linguistic and cultural differences can be observed. The Rajbanshis here like to identify themselves as ” Surjapuri Kshatriya Rajbanshi “. They carry the term ” Surjapuri ” as their Motherland. Long ago this area was part of Surjapur pargana. Hence the people living here call themselves and the language of communication as ” Surjapuri Language “. The Surjapuri Rajbanshi living in the transferred area were also deeply influenced by Thakur Panchanan Barma like the Rajbanshis living in North East. Many of Surjapuri Rajbanshis from the Transferred area participated in the Upanayana Sanskara organised by Thakur Panchanan Barma. On 1913, more than two lakh Rajbanshis from a total of 192( On the other hand 252) to Milan Sansadas had received the Kshatriya Yajnopavit and about 89,512 rupees had been collected in the Kshatriya Samiti. After the Upanayana Sanskara in 1913, the Kshatriya youth developed Kshatriya energy and strength, for that various types of physical strength practices such as – Stick games and Dagger games etc. were started. Many people of the Rajbanshi Kshatriya community put forward themselves as warriors. The Surjapuri Rajbanshi of Surjapur Pargana also dedicated themselves to ending the British rule in India. Surjapuri Rajbanshi actively participated in the Movement led by Gandhiji.

Key Words:: Freedom Movement, Kshatriya, Surjapuri Rajbanshi Upanayana Sanskara, etc.