Reminiscing the History of Indian Civil Service and the Related Challenges

in Published Volumes


Shreya Singh
1Research Scholar
Department of History
Patna University


Abstract:: Indian Civil Service can be termed as the steel-frame of the British administration in
India. This system was the soul of British administration in India and effectively performed the
work of policy-making and its execution. In the beginning East India Company was solely
commercial in nature and hardly thought of acquiring the reins of administration of the
country. It was in the middle of the eighteenth century that the anarchical political conditions
prevalent in India motivated them to raise their stature from a commercial trading company to
that of a ruling political authority. With all its demerits and fissures, ICS laid the foundation
for the present infrastructure of Union Public Service Commission. It is true that the main
objective behind establishment of all Political, Social, Economic and Educational
infrastructure in India was consolidation of British Rule in India but there were also some
Governors, some social reformers and a handful of British Civil Servants who genuinely felt
for India, worked for the eradication of social evils, aided the National Movement and wished
for an Independent India such as- Michael Carritt and Dennis Kincaid. Also, there were few
who studied Indian texts, manipulated it in their own ways and greased it with the vitriolic
emotions of hatred. This work is a compilation of all such narratives which will help to
understand the type of presumptions and understanding British Civil Servants kept for India.

Key Words:Board of Directors ,British,Civil Service, East India Company, Merchants etc