Role of Bengali Tea-Industrialist and Eminent Persons in Expansion of Education in Jalpaiguri District

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Soumyadipta Sinha
1Research Scholar
Department of History
RKDF University


Abstract:: After the arrival of the British in Jalpaiguri they involved themselves in the tea
trade. This tea business was quite profitable. In the later phase many Bengali entrepreneurs
attached themselves to this tea business.The Ghosh family Rahut family katham family
respectively came forward with the establishment of many tea gardens in this phase.
Satyendra Prasad Roy, Birendra Chandra Ghosh and NilkantaMukhopadhyay played
important role in this phase. Through their initiatives the touch of education came across the
whole Dooars.

Key Words:British,Darjeeling,Education,Gajoldoba,Plantation,TeaGarden,etc.