Role of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy in Protecting the Interest of West Bengal with Special Reference to ‘Berubari Movement’

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Dr. Babulal Bala
Associate Professor
Department of History
Raiganj University
Raiganj,Uttar Dinajpur,West Bengal,India


Abstract:: It is an undeniable fact that the partition of India as well as Bengal in 1947 has created
many permanent problems and thereby we, the people of India particularly the Bengalese are
experiencing with anxieties, pain of lose and hoping to solve many unsolved issues till to-day.
The Berubari issue is one of such event which was created due to partition of Bengal. Actually,
Berubari was treated as a part of West Bengal and of course of India. The dispute over Berubari
Union is the culmination of events going as far back as 1947 when the Radcliffe Award was
made and demarcating the boundary between the two newly created provinces of West and East
Bengal. In accordance to the Radcliffe Award Berubari Union No. 12 comprising an area of 8.75
sq. miles situated in Jalpaiguri district and was described as part of West Bengal and allotted to
India. But the map annexed to the Radcliffe Award, however, showed this area as part of East
Pakistan. In that context, the Government of Pakistan started claiming that area and in order to
solve the problem finally the much talked ‘Nehru-Noon Agreement’ was signed in 1958. By
centering this issue from local level to State level along with the National level leaders of almost
all political parties and different organization raised their voices against the un-Constitutional
move of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru in terms of ‘Transferring Indian Territory to Foreign Country’
and ultimately as a mark of victory of mass movement the Central Government was forced to
stop the matter from further proceed.

Key Words:Award, Boundary, Demarcation, Foreign ,Transfer, Territory, etc.