Socio-Economic Development in the Issue of Agriculture System in Dinajpur in Colonial Phase

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Subrata Mandal

Ph.D Research Scholar
Department of History
Raiganj University
Raiganj,Uttar Dinajpur,West Bengal,India


Abstract:: The article has deeply discussed about the socio-economic conditions of colonial
Dinajpur in the issue of agricultural system. Because the since ancient times Dinajpur is
considered as an agricultural main region and most of the people of the region depended on
agriculture for their livelihood. The socio-economic status of the region is inextricably linked
with agricultural activities. The main goal of this dissertation is to highlight the history of
how farming was done in undivided Dinajpur, and the economic and social status of the
people at that time depending on this farming. First the history of the origin of colonial
Dinajpur is presented, then the geographical location and soil diversity of the district is
discussed as soil is an important factor in agriculture along with geographical location. Then
there is a briefly discuss about the agricultural system of Dinajpur district, how the farming
was done in the region at that time and what were the main agricultural crops of the region.
After this, the economic and social conditions of Dinajpur in British India are discussed,
what was the main economic source of the people of this region, it is also discussed. Finally a
conclusion is given on the discussion.

Key Words:Agriculture, Cultivation, Colonial,Dinajpur, Jotedar, Zaminder etc.