State, Society and Disaster:1874 Cyclone in Eastern Part of Colonial India

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Lakshmi Kanta Das
Research Scholar


Abstract:: The present paper discusses the 1874 cyclone, officially known as the MidnaporeBurdwan cyclone, and tries to give a critical analysis of its impact on the society and economy of
colonial Bengal. Hence, the primary focus of this study would be on the magnitude of damages of
crops and commodities done by this cyclone in the occurrence of heavy rainfall which caused
widespread floods in the affected areas and beyond. Although the center of the cyclone had passed
over the districts of Burdwan and Midnapore, however, a large part of Bengal, especially districts
situated on the periphery of the cyclone (such as 24 Parganas, Jessore, Beerbhum, Bankura, and
Hooghly, Rajshahi, Maldah, Rungpore) had also suffered from the devastations.

Key Words:Colonial Bengal, Cyclone, Disaster, Economy, Disaster, State, Society