The Changing Scenario of Hindi Cinema after Independence

in Published Volumes


Md Raju

1Former Student
Department of History
The University of Burdwan
Rajbati , Burdwan , West Bengal


Abstract:: In modern Indian society, Communalism is a complex problem. Like caste discrimination, racism and gender inequality, it also weakens the society. It was the core reason behind partition of India and refugeeism. Our nationalist leaders such as Gandhi, Nehru and Netaji etc. deeply opposed this. To eliminate communalism, their role is widely appreciated. But the role of Hindi films or Bollywood as a cultural institution to combat communalism was less recognised and discussed. In this article, present researchers have tried to put that role forth. From the films to their musics, all give glimpse to coordination. On other hand, the real selves out of the reels have inspired with the ideals. To build up the discrimination-free society and nation, Hindi movies have played an immense role. Representatives, from various fields of society collectively participate in this very institution. Their works by standing shoulder to shoulder convey a message of unity or synthesis.

Key Words:Communalism, Hindi Cinema, Nationalism ,Nation building, Netaji, Syncretism etc.