The Destination towards an Unknown Land (From Faridpur to Malda): A Parallelism of Displacement to Resettlement of Namasudra Family

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Litan Biswas

1Assistant Professor
Dept of History
Harishchandrapur College
Pipla, Harishchandrapur, Malda


Abstract:: This article narrates the journey of Namasudra family from Faridpur to Malda in the context of Partition. As there is no specific destination, the overall conditions of their journey, route, and means of travel, taking shelter in various temporary refugee camps, advantages and disadvantages are highlighted here. The background of being a refugee and the incidents of refugee life in Malda, West Bengal, India, are not explained in detail on this small scale, starting from leaving the illusion of their original residence and beginning the journey, from the former Ashrafpur in Bamangola block of Malda, the village that was named Ashrampur after taking shelter of the refugees and the time period for obtaining the land title granted by the government is discussed here in detail. The current situation, the flow of events, specially the uncertain problems during the journey of the refugee families from contemporary East Pakistan can be easily deduced from this paper.

Key Words:Displacement,Malda, Namasudra, Refugee, Resettlement, Travel, Shelter