The Question of Language and the Foundation of the Identity of Bengali Muslims in Nineteenth Century Bengal

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Dr.Chhawang Subba1

1Assistant Professor,
Department of History,
University of Gour Banga
Malda,West Bengal, India


Abstract:: Language plays a very significant role in the culture and identity of a community in the society.The question of language of the Bengali Muslims is not exception in this regard. Language played a very crucial role in the establishment of the identity and attainment of their political goal. The lower class Muslims commonly known as Atrap, formed the majority of Muslim populace in Bengal and they regarded Bengali as their mother-tongue. Their political identity, first as the East Pakistani and later as Bangladeshi, was largely circled around the language question. This article discusses about the growth and development of the language of the Bengali Muslims and the various issues connected to it.

Key Words:Bengali Muslims, Atrap and Ashraf, Do-bhashi, Punthi, formation of identity.