The Role of Judicial Activism in Safe Guarding the Interest of Public in West Bengal.

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Sajjat Ali
Research Scholar
Department of Political Science
Raiganj University
Raiganj,Uttar Dinajpur,West Bengal


Abstract:: The scope of judicial power is immense. Judicial activism looks after matters
beneficial to society and takes necessary action. This society is crippled without judiciary.
Judicial activism realizes that all are equal in the eyes of the law, rich – poor, strong – weak,
women – men, etc. Judicial activism is observed in almost all states of the world. The following
article focus on judicial activism and protection of human rights in India and West Bengal.
Judicial activism in West Bengal plays a novel role to delivering justice Human Right is apart
from fundamental rights. Sometimes judicial activism to fulfill public interest cases or social
public interest cases works as a boon to the weaker sections of the society. Judiciary always
plays an active role in dispensation of justice and protection of fundamental rights. The Indian
Judiciary has played the role of a guardian in the protection of human rights since
independence. Judiciary is revered as the interpreter and guardian of the Indian Constitution.
Due to this the Judiciary protects the people from any unwarranted acts. Judiciary is one of the
main instruments of government. Judiciary plays the most important role in fundamental rights,
human rights, and filing of petitions, legal rights, and issuance of orders, directives, prohibitions
and many more.

Key Words:Fundamental Rights,Judicial Activism,Human Rights,Protection of Human Rights