Urban Centres and Tea Gardens in Darjeeling: History, Development and Challenges

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Anand Sherpa
Assistant Professor
Department of History
University BT and Evening College
Coochbehar,West Bengal,India

Email: nndsherpa28@gmail.com

Abstract:: Since its inception Darjeeling as a hill station and a hub of tea gardens progress
tremendously under the colonial government. The main Darjeeling town was plan to
accommodate about ten thousand population of that time. These colonial urban structures and
infrastructures are proving insufficient and incapable to accommodate the growing population of
the place in post-colonial period. The most of the towns and semi urban places of Darjeeling hills
are surrounded by reserve forests and tea gardens. In such environment and circumstance a new
town planning is a huge challenge in this region

Key Words:Darjeeling, Indian Medical Service, Rangit River, Tea Gardens, Town Planning.