Volume 3 Number 3

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Urban Centres and Tea Gardens in Darjeeling: History,Development and Challenges
Anand Sherpa
Pandita Ramabai Saraswati:The Pioneer of Women’s liberation awakening in the light of Death Centenary 10-20
Ashim Biswas
A Journey of Madhubani Art: From Village Walls to Global Galleries 21-30
Bhawana Singh
Tribes of Dakshin(South) Dinajpur:A Changing Scenario in the Twentieth Century 31-41
Biswanath Singha
Empowering Women in India: Challenges and Prospects 42-58
Gobinda Sarkar
History of Peasant Movement in North Bengal from Naxalbari Peasant Movement to Peasant Movement of 2020: A New Dimension 59-69
Ramendra Nath Bhowmick/td>
The Adivasis of Bengal in the Mid- nineteenth Century with special reference to Bhumiz 70-78
Sutapa Bhattacharya
Exploring Communalism’s Impact on Indian Politics: Historical Analysis, Contemporary Trends,and Prospects for Harmony
Shanta Barman
Railway Administrative Management during Bengal Partition 100-104
Sudipta Sardar
Bengal Renaissance: Acharya Brajendranath Seal (1864-1938) and the Contemporary Intelligentsia 105-111
Mahuya Mukherjee
Colonial Challenges and Indigenous Resilience: Indigenous Colonial Medical System in Colonial Delhi and the Battle for Scientific Status,1883-1921 112-122
Priya Salam
Reminiscing the History of Indian Civil Service and the Related Challenges 123-130
Shreya Singh
State, Society and Disaster:1874 Cyclone in Eastern Part of Colonial India 131-139
Lakshmi Kanta Das
Role of Bengali Tea-Industrialist and Eminent Persons in Expansion of Education in Jalpaiguri District 140-152
Soumyadipta Sinha
Contribution of the Surjapuri People in Freedom Movement: A Case Study in Trasfered Area of Uttar Dinajpur District (1930-1942) 153-159
Khagesh Singha
Matuaism:A Historical Review on the Political Thought of Sri Sri Guruchand Thakur 160-168
Prodip Mandal
Missionaries, ‘Savages’ and Print: Literary Traditions in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries Naga Hills 169-177
Arenmenla Jamir
Rise of Chhatra Parishad as the Driving Force of the Congress Politics in West Bengal (1954-1977) with Special Reference to the Charismatic Leadership of Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi
Babulal Bala
The Role of Judicial Activism in Safe Guarding the Interest of Public in West Bengal 190-197
Sajjat Ali
Evolution of Women Education in Colonial Midnapore 198-202
Pravash Maity