A Case Study on Mesmeric Anaesthesia, for Painless Surgery at Calcutta Mesmeric Hospital from November 1846 to May 1847

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Rajib Roson Ghosal

Research Scholar,
Department of History
Visva-Bharati, Shantiniketan.
Email: rajibrghosal92@gmail.com

Abstract: The unthinkable discoveries of technologies and the success of medical science are always impatient to prove each other. In a few moments, the incurable disease is leaving the body forever, and in a few seconds, an injection is releasing the patient from the excruciating pain. But what happened when there was no advanced technology, no electrical appliances, or no chloroform injections to relieve the patient’s acute pain? I am trying to explicit the history of an application in medical science to get rid from the pain of surgery, which was came with the western scientific ideas through the colonization in India from the first half of the 19 th Century. I am going to present an analytical case study in this paper, that the treatment of diseases at The Calcutta Mesmeric Hospital by the British physicians during surgery, is the application of Mesmerism in the case of aneasthising the body by giving painless perception till before the chloroform was invented. The objective of my paper is to find out that, mesmerism or hypnosis anastasia would actually be possible to perform any surgery with painlessly. I would like to make a comparative analysis of some cases which treated by this application.

Key Words:Mesmerism, Anaesthesia, Painless Surgery, Hypnosis.