Volume 3 Number 1

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The Question of Language and the Foundation of the Identity of Bengali Muslims in Nineteenth Century Bengal 01-11
Dr.Chhawang Subba
An Inclusive Interpretation of Maratha History 11-22
Sutapa Bhattacharya
The Growth and Development of Public Health in the Hill areas of Darjeeling District and the role of the Colonial British Government(1850 to 1947): A Historical Analysis 23-34
Krishna Barman
Lt. Colonel Suresh Prasad Sarbadhikari Pioneered of Overiotomy and Obstetric Surgery in the late 19th century Calcutta 35-52
Rajib Roson Ghosal
The Destination towards an Unknown Land (From Faridpur to Malda): A Parallelism of Displacement to Resettlement of Namasudra Family 53-64
Litan Biswas
The ‘Other’ Side of Nineteenth Century Bengal:A History of Crises and Anxieties:The evolving societal definitions and re-definitions surrounding ‘effeminacy’ and ‘ideal’ womanhood 65-79
Aishanee Mallik
Mode of Production and Migration in India:A Sociological Study 80-90
Dr.Paulomi Saha
Christian Missionaries and their Impact among the Meches of Jalpaiguri District in the Colonial Period 91-102
Dr. Manadev Roy
Sri Narayan Guru and Ezhava Movment: A Study 103-113
Ashim Biswas
Gandhi’s Idea of Khadi and Its Implications 114-124
Ashim Bhuimali
Peasant Organisations in the context of Political Activities in Bengal before the 1938:A Regional Study 125-135
Dr.Jagdip Kumar Chowhan
India’s Oft-Forgotten Feminist Icon Fatima Sheikh: Pioneers of Modern Women’s Education in Indian Subcontinent 136-143
Role of Media in maintaining Peace and Harmony with reference to India 144-154
Dr.Debjani Roy
Growth and Development of Female Education in the Princely State of Cooch Behar : 1881-1949 155-172
Sumana Das
‘Contesting’ the Discourses of Womanhood: A Historical Reaccount of the Conditions of Women in British India and Beyond 173-181
Rajib Sarkar
A Study on the Cults of Indra and Hudumdeo in Bengal: Do These Have Vedic Roots? 182-191
Sebak Biswas
The Changing Scenario of Hindi Cinema after Independence 192-207
Md Raju
‘Drain of Wealth’ and ‘Economic Nationalism’ in Colonial India (1858-1914) 208-218
Dr.Babulal Bala
Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development 219-228
Book Reviews
William Dalrymple: The Anarchy, The East India Company, Corporate Violance, and the Pillage of an Empire,(London:Blooms Bury Publishing,2019, Price:699/p INR) 229-232
Partha Mondal