Volume 3 Number 2

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American Civil War East Indian Connection The Civil War Gunpowder and Indian Saltpetre 01-13
Sandip Munshi
Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay:A Cultural Heritage Revivalist of India 14-21
Saikat Biswas
Early Buddhist Sites in Odisha:A Study of Ayodhya, Langudi and Solanpur 22-30
Dr.Sikhasree Ray
History of Gosanimari Rajpat in Kamatapur Kingdom:A Study on Archaeological Findings 31-41
Sujan Das
Census Policy in British India: A Brief Historical Evaluation 42-49
Ashim Biswas
Running through the Ages: Postal Service in Colonial India and the ‘Runners’, an Intimate Engagement 50-58
Chiranjib Das
Empowering Minds,Inspiring Nations:Women’s Education in the era of Mughal India 59-67
Archana Chatterjee
Suniti Devi and the Social Reform Movenment of 19th Century Benga 68-80
Ushasi Banerjee
Caste and Political life of Dalit Leader: Upendra Nath Barman in Contemporary Bengal 1898-1988 81-96
Mampi Barman
Recasting the Religious Shrines of Maynaguri(Jalpaiguri District) 97-113
Bhaskar Chanda
Social Change in Bengal, 1757-1857:A Critical Analysis 114-124
Krishna Das,Bipul Mandal
Rise and Growth of Pundravardhana: A Study on 5th Century B.C.E to 5th Century A.D 125-136
Gourab Dutta
Exploring Women’s Participation in Indian Politics:Challenges, Progress, and Prospects 137-147
Shanta Barman
Historical Development of Panchayati Raj in India:A Historical Analysis 148-155
Saruk Hossain
Buddhist and Jaina Minor Deities Found From Early Medieval Bengal: An Iconographic Survey 156-167
Dr. Rajeswar Roy
Impact of Economy and Society upon Non Government English Medium Schools in Darjeeling District -From Colonial Intervention to Capitalist Venture(1846-1991) 168-186
Binay Laha
Role of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy in Protecting the Interest of West Bengal with Special Reference to ‘Berubari Movement’ 187-198
Dr. Babulal Bala
Hitasadhani Sabha in former Princely State Cooch Behar, 1946-1950: Emergence and Effects to the Indigenous People of Cooch Behar 199-206
Kamal Barman
Khan Choudhury Amanat Ullah Ahmad: A Case Study on His Political and Literary Activities 207-215
Sumana Das
Society and Social Changes in Twentieth Century North Bengal in Respect of Traditional Games 216-231
Badal Roy
Socio-Economic Development in the Issue of Agriculture System in Dinajpur in Colonial Phase 232-244
Subrata Mandal
Gambhira:The Voice of Rural Bengal Enquiring Social Awareness
Sreetapa Das
Book Reviews
Pushkar Sohoni:The Architecture of a Deccan SultanateCourtly Practice and Royal Authority in Late Medieval India, London: I.B.Tauris,2018, Price:8130/p INR) 263-265
Malya Singh