Volume-2, Number-3, September-December 2022

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Diseases, Patients, State and Social Distancing in the Colonial Era – A Historical Review based upon “Swasthyo” & ‘Swasthyo Samachar’ Patrika 01-15
Dr. Ritabrata Goswami
Gorkhaland Movement: History and its Evaluation in Present Context of Integration vs. Disintegration of Bengal 16-35
Ramendra Nath Bhowmick
The Socio-Cultural impact of the Growth and Development of the Western Education in Princely State of Cooch Behar:1861-1949 36-49
Sumana Das
Role of Different NGOs in the Tribal Development in Purulia District of West Bengal: A Study 50-63
Sahadev Karmakar
The Historical Importance of Census: A Case Study of few District of Bengal 64-77
Gourango Chandra Roy
Role of Panchanan Barma as an intellectual of North Bengal 78-89
Dr.Fulchan Barman
The Role of Christian Missionaries in Medical Services in Murshidabad District of West Bengal 90-100
Ganesh Kr. Mandal
Land Settlements and Cattle Ecology in the Princely State of Cooch Behar, 1872-1940 101-119
Sajal Adhikary
Emergence and Development of Bengali Muslim Intelligentsia in the first half of the 20th Century 120-133
Md Mainul Islam
The Relationship between the Tribes and the Forest : An Historical Perspective of Forest Villages in Jalpaiguri District, 1869-2014 134-146
Sunita Mahato
The Jaṭileśvara Temple of North Bengal: A Study 147-163
Sibam Saha
The Practice of Sati in Colonial Bengal with special references to Hooghly District in West Bengal 167-179
Md Raju
Mukhash Nach: A Traditional Folk Culture in North Bengal 180-185
Jagdip Kumar Chowhan
Book Review
Amar Farooqui:The Establishment of British Rule 1757-1813 (Aligarh Historian Society,New Delhi,Tulika Books,Third Edition, 2019, pp.96, Price:250/p INR) 186-190
Dipankar Barman