Administrative Activities in Maintaining Law and Order in North Bengal in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century: A Historical Review on Malda District

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Ritabrata Goswami

Assistant Professor
Department of History
Kaliachak College
Sultanganj, Malda,West Bengal

Abstract:Crime is an “illegal act or activity that can be punished by law”. Police, law, and
British forces were used to strengthen and expand the British Empire in this country. In colonial North Bengal, there was existence of various types of crimes. To curb the crime and to establish peace in the second half of the nineteenth century the colonial government took various administrative measures in the districts of North Bengal. The district of Malda was a unique example of colonial crime control policy, where various methods were used. The main purpose of this discussion is to analyze the nature of the crime of the district which had gradually changed its form and to discuss the steps taken by the colonial government to control the characteristic changes of crime. A class of educated intellectual citizens came forward against this British exploitation and oppression of the regime that was able to spread the form of British exploitation to the masses in every canopy.

Key Words:Crime, Exogenous, Indigenous,Jurisdiction,North Bengal,Police,Telegraph.