Asia in the Eye of Mohendranath Dutt (1869-1956) and His thought of Reviving the Ancient Glory of Asia

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Mrinal Chandra Das

Ph.D Scholar
Department of History,
Raiganj University
P.O.-Raiganj,Uttar Dinajpur,West Bengal

Abstract: If we cast a glance of our eye into the history of mankind, we will find that most of the ancient civilizations were developed in Asia. And Asians have contributed in the field of science and philosophy and in other various fields in the so long human history. In the past Asians were known for knowledge, art craft and scientific innovation before the rise of west. The knowledge current that flowed and reached rest of the world and lighted them, but with the passage of time the glory was lost due to a numbers of reasons. Now to get back this ancient glory again for our continent is the demand of time. This article is intended to analyse thinker Mohendranath Dutt’s views on the revival of ancient glory of Asian continent. Mohendranath Dutt remarks that if Asia wants to develop commerce, science and medicine, she is bound to modify social ideas, as the fossilized state of society will be a bar to the onward progress of the other ideas. The social advancement must proceed pari passu with the development of other ideas. It is quite certain that Asian social system should be remodelled.

Key Words: Asia,Backward,Continent,Civilization,Decolonization, Mohendranath Dutt,etc.