Bengal Revolutionary Movement and Hemchandra Kanungo: Speculatory, Spasms, and Dream

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Sandip Manna

Research Scholar
Centre for Environmental Studies,
Vidyasagar University
Midnapore,West Bengal, India

Abstract:This article tries to shows that the review the role of Hemchandra Kanungo in Bengal
Revolutionary movement as well as Indian Independence Movement. Actually to achieve
independence, generally, two types of paths were taken by freedom fighters such as non-violence and
violence. Both ways are seen in our Indian freedom movement. Some prominent centers of the Bengal
revolutionary were Midnapore, Calcutta, Dacca, Barisal, etc. One of the bravest sons of undivided
Midnapore was Hemchandra Kanungo. He was impressed by the idea and norms of Anandamath
novel. He believes revolution means not only changes in the administrative authority; these changes
allow all people to enter the country’s administration, called revolution. Thus, he defines revolution
separately and logically compared to contemporary revolution ideology. He believes in religious
harmony. His painted flag was the base land of the future Indian flag. It is connected with the
evolution of the Indian national flag. Along with our respect, honor, pride, and love attached. His
painted flag carried a harmonical massage. It shows his dream of love, respect, and national unity.
He always hopes for our independence.

Key Words:Anandamath,Dream,Freedom fighter, Harmony,Independence,Impressed,Painted Flag