Handloom Industry in Dakshin Dinajpur District: An Assessment

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Rejaul Karim

Research Scholar
Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University
Panchanan Nagar,Vivekananda Street,Cooch Behar
Email: rejaulkarim951@gmail.com

Abstract:The Handloom industry is a part of Indian tradition and culture. Dakshin Dinajpur District in West Bengal is well known for Handloom industry. In Dakshin Dinajpur weaving was started by weavers from Pabna in East Bengal during the partition. All these weavers take up weaving as a profession and settle in different regions of the District. Gangarampur has the highest concentration of weaving among the 8 blocks of Dakshin Dinajpur. The aim of this study is to investigate and analyse the socio-economic status of the handloom industry in Dakshin Dinajpur. Although the industry was prosperous in the past but it is now facing various kind
ofproblems,such as financial constraints of weavers, low wages, rising yarn prices, lack of interest among the new generation, increasing use of power looms instead of handlooms, government schemes are not working properly. As a result, the handloom industry is facing losses day by day.

Key Words:Archaeologists, De-industrialization, Handicraft, Handloom Industry, Weavers