Interpreting The Crime and Corruption in Post-Colonial Kolkata(1947-1967)

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Subhajit Das

Ph.D. Research Scholar
Department of History
Visva Bharati, Santiniketan
Birbhum,West Bengal,India

Abstract:Independence and partition was an incident of both delight and tragedy. After independence, had Kolkata turned into a better place? Or corruption and crime were running parallelly. This paper primarily focuses on the crime and corruption of post-independence Kolkata. Even before independence, there was corruption and criminals in Calcutta. On the contrary, freedom has not been able to change the mentality of the people in the criminal world. Pre-independence conditions created new criminals and created a situation of corruption in the post-independence period. Therefore, the struggle for independence and the killing of Bengalis could not change the criminal and corrupt mentality. This paper also tries to explain how much independence has changed the nature of crime and corruption at that time. This paper intends to explain how a city that was the capital before Delhi had turned into a cradle of crime and corruption and how ordinary citizens were involved.

Key Words:Black marketing, Crime, Corruption, Kolkata, Partition, Post-independence