Market places and its transformation of undivided Dinajpur in Colonial India with special reference to Kamarpara Ha

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Khokan Das

Assistant professor
Department of History
SBS Government College,
Hili, Balurghat,West Bengal,India

Abstract: The North Bengal was formed with Undivided Dinajpur, Pabna, Bagura, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Jalpaiguri, Kuch Bihar, Malda, Darjeeling and some other parts of northern part of Bengal in Colonial India. This district is almost entirely agricultural area of Bengal before partition or Independence. So, we have seen the market places were emerged on the basis of the agricultural production along with the local demand. The most important market places of Undivided Dinajpur were Pulhat, Parbatipur, Nithpur, Balurghat, Nayabazar, Kumarganj, Raiganj, Kaliyaganj, Lahirihat, Dhankoil, Patiram and another most important hat was Kamarpara Hat which had played a vital role for the development of trade and commerce of the concerned area in very well. Some factors like-the presence of Hili Railway Station, Hili-Balurghat pukka road, Kishanganj Road, Purnea Road, Rangpur Road, Bagura Road etc. had shaped the way of commercial activities in Undivided Dinajpur in Colonial India.

Key Words:Census,Ganjas,Factory Act, Hinterland, Hat Bazars,Ijaradar, Zaminder