Socio-Cultural Life of the Tea Garden Workers People with special reference to the People of Manjha Tea Garden in Sub- Himalayan Terai Region of Darjeeling

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Pabitra Paul

Research Scholar(Ph.D)
Department of History
North Bengal University
Rajarammohanpur,Darjeeling,West Bengal

Abstract:Tea Garden people play a vital role in the overall development of family, society, state as well as country. The workers are the major labour source in various tea garden of Sub- Himalayan regions of West Bengal. They play a significant role in the establishment of tea industry in this region. The present study reveals that the present social status of the tea garden workers. Major findings reveled that there were various drawbacks in the tea garden workers. Their life style, houses, hospitality, sanitation and superstition affected by their social morality. It intends to highlight and discuss the present conditions and challenges of the tea garden working people. They remained neglected and ignored in the social milieu of 75 years of Independence. Now the days little welfare measures undertaken by the state government and non-government organization also to rescue them.

Key Words:Independence, Organization, Sanitation, Superstition, Social morality.