The Historical Importance of Census: A Case Study of few District of Bengal

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Gourango Chandra Roy

Assistant Professor
Department of History
Ananda.Chandra. College
Jalpaiguri,West Bengal, India

Abstract:The census is a very important programme to provide better government for the people of the country and it also helps to rule the country of the rulers. Not only has that it also becomes the determinant factor of social, economic and cultural affairs of the society. Using the data of census, various researchers can write their research book or research papers. The census data help to identify the different races people. But before the British government, no Indian rulers conducted the modern census. At first the British government conducted census of India. As a result, many unknown information came to light after the remuneration of population of India. Therefore, the period of paper started from the first census operations time and this paper also covers only the Colonial period.

Key Words:East Bengal, Identity, Linguistic, Kshatriya, Koch King, Namasudra, Rajbansi