The Relevance of Gandhi’s Thought on Sanitation

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Ashim Bhuimali

Ph.D.Research Scholar,
Raiganj University,
Raiganj,Uttar Dinajpur,West Bengal

Abstract:We know Gandhiji only as a political leader and patriot. But he was a also a famous social worker. He was quite conscious about health. He thought that if people were not aware of health, real freedom will not come to the country. He emphasized on cleaning. He thought that if people were not health conscious diseases like Malaria, Cholera, and Typhoid would be not removed from the society. He used to talk about pollution free environment where everyone will be healthy. He emphasized on cleanliness of hospital, railway, public toilets everywhere. He thought it would be difficult for the government to do this alone, if ordinary people would not cooperate with the government. Gandhiji spoke of wearing khadi made clothes. Because it does not contain chemicals, it is eco- friendly and very useful for health. If we can follow Gandhij’s thinking about health then we can go one step further on the path to a healthy India. Only with this, Gandhi’s dream of a healthy India will succeed.

Key Words:Broom, Clean, Disease, Epidemic, Health, Khadi, Polluted, Latrine, Vector.