The Role of Christian Missionaries in Medical Services in Murshidabad District of West Bengal

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Ganesh Kr. Mandal

Assistant Professor
Department of History
Berhampore Girls’College
Berhampore, Murshidabad,West Bengal

Abstract:The contribution of Christian Missionaries in service work in various parts of India and Bengal is undeniable. The Christian Missionaries played the pioneering role to adopt the health-mission along with their religious propaganda. London Missionary Society was established on 22nd September in 1795. Rev. David Bogue was the pioneer to set it up London Missionary Society. But Dr. Lucy established London Missionary Hospital in Murshidabad on 9th February, 1894 in the village of Ramtanu Gram, now known as Jiagunj. It was a charity hospital.The London Missionary Hospital was situated a little north of Jiaganj city, and very close to the Jiaganj Railway station. London Mission Hospital attained the abiding fame in the district of Murshidabad to extend medical care among the rural poor. At that time this hospital was one of the best in the whole of India in terms of good medical care and cleanliness, along with the best treatment of missionary Doctors with the patients being treated in this hospital. But unfortunately, after left of the missionaries the hospital and the training centre were closed in 1975 for some unknown reason. After four years later in 1979, it was reopened under the Government rules but from 1983 this training centre was completely closed and next it was shifted from Jiaganj to District headquarter, Berhampore.

Key Words:Missionary, London Missionary Hospital, Nehalia family, Lalkuthi, Howker.