Caste and Political life of Dalit Leader: Upendra Nath Barman in Contemporary Bengal 1898-1988

in Published Volumes


Mampi Barman
Research scholar
Department of history
University of North Bengal
Darjeeling,West Bengal,India


Abstract:: The Rajbanshi community had organized a movement Rajbanshi Kshatriya Movement for rejuvenating the Kshatriyahood among the Rajbanshisi under the leadership of Thakur Panchanan Barma and his disciplines Upendra Nath Barman. The Rajbanshi’s were identified by the British Government as “Koch” revolt against their being considered a tribe or low caste by the census, and under the leadership Haramohan Khajanshi, Harikishore Barma and Thakur Panchanan Barma and Upendrea Nath Barman organized Kshtriyanization movement and claimed Kshatriyahood for themselves.It tries to take in to study the intricate issues of caste and social problems of the region. Caste is a social institution which has its origin in ancient Indian history and in due course of time the institution has become a complex issue. He also proved himself in the national level politician which rising from a regional socio-economical background Kshatiyaistation movement was platforms take the Rajbanshis in the national level.Upendra Nath Barman had joint in policies became a most prominent leader after the Thakur Panchanan Barma and tried to overall development of Rasbanshi community colonial and post colonial Bengal.

Key Words:Caste, Dalit, Namasudra, Kshatiyaistation, Rajbanshi, National movement etc.