English Education and A Spark in the Dark Society of the 19th Century Colonial Bengal

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Dr.Chitta Sen Paramanik
Assistant Professor
Department of History
P.R. Thakur Government College
North-24 Pargana,West Bengal,India
Email: chittasenparamanik@gamil.com

Abstract::Colonial Bengal witnessed a vigorous intellectual awakening in the nineteenth
century. The British introduced English education with the purpose of expansion and sustenance of the British Empire. But it produced something else as well and it created several elements such as intelligentsias, western ideas, orientalism, missionaries, ‘Babu’ culture, etc. for the Indians resulting in the growth and development of new intellectual awakening. It became a spark in the dark society of 19th-century colonial Bengal at first and
then the societies of the other parts of India.

Key Words: Christian Missionaries,English Education, Intellectual Awakening etc.