Evolution of Women Education in Colonial Midnapore

in Published Volumes


Pravash Maity
Former Student
Department of History
Vidyasagar University
West Midnapore,West Bengal,India

Email: pravashmaity430@gmail.com

Abstract:: Now-a-days, we find that large number of girls students are going to school. Many
girls do not agree child marriage. Hey want to continue the school education. If the family
forces to their girls for marriage but many girls protest against it. On this perspective I will
discuss about the expansion of women education under colonial Midnapore. I will discuss in
my writing on the evolution of women education in sub-urban colonial Midnapore. I will try
to analyse how over women education in Midnapore facing various problems in that time. I
will also analyse the evolution of women education medium of two school, these are Mission
school and Aligung School. Christian missionary and many indigenous people played a lead
role on evolution of women education in colonial Midnapore.

Key Words:Aligung, Education, Christian Missionary School, Midnapore,Women etc.