Exploring Women’s Participation in Indian Politics:Challenges, Progress, and Prospects

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Shanta Barman

M.Phil Scholar
Department of Political Science
Raiganj University
Raiganj, Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal,India

Email: shantabarman980@gmail.com

Abstract:: This article provides an overview of the current state of women’s participation in
Indian politics, highlighting key challenges, initiatives, and achievements. The study begins by
examining the historical context of women’s political participation in India, tracing the early
milestones and struggles faced by women in entering the political arena. The study explores the
barriers and challenges that continue to hinder women’s participation in politics, including
deep-rooted gender stereotypes, societal expectations, and structural inequalities. It also
discusses the role of political parties, media, and civil society organizations in either supporting
or impeding women’s political empowerment. The study highlights the initiatives and
interventions undertaken to enhance women’s political participation in India. It examines
grassroots movements, women’s organizations, and government schemes aimed at promoting
leadership and political engagement among women. Additionally, it addresses the impact of
reservation policies and affirmative action measures on increasing women’s representation in
elected bodies.
Key Words:Government, Leadership Local self-government, Politics, Women etc.